About Us

When it comes to buying or selling of real estate properties, there is no doubt that there are dozens of         processes and procedures that need to be followed. As ordinary laymen it is virtually impossible for us to have a clear understanding and comprehension of the entire process. Hence, we have no other option but to depend on professional help and support in all such matter. 

We at Connecticut DCF Watch are well known for offering voluntary services and help to all those who are desirous of seeking information in such matters. We have a team of like minded people who are ready to work towards this purpose more as a service to the real estate industry rather than anything else. We have a fully working blog that has articles and contributions from all over the country covering various facets of the real estate industry. Hence, for those who are looking for a one stop source of information on all matters pertaining to real estate industry, then this is place to be in. 

We have the information available in different segments and silos making it easy for information seekers to get hold of the same without too much struggle and problem. The fact that we have the best talents being a part of our association makes it very easy to gain the best knowledge in terms of content and authenticity.

Apart from helping all the stakeholders to get the desired information, we also play a big role in bringing together various persons belonging to the real estate industry under one platform. Whether it pertains to real estate attorneys/lawyers, real estate agents, valuers or conveyancing professionals, we have the wherewithal and experience to arrange for the same. We also have an own team of consultants who are there to advise our client on all the important matters pertaining to real estate industry. Hence, there is no doubt that being a part of our team will certainly be useful in more ways than one. 

Since the proof of the pudding is in the eating, we would request you to visit our website and get to know more about our offerings and services.